Kianoosh Kavoosi



Kianoosh was born in Iran, her first career being in education. Following migration to Perth, Kianoosh studied Industrial Design and forged a new career in design. As a student and design practitioner she has had work selected to show at many international and national design events including: London Design Festival, Shanghai International Furniture Fair, Melbourne and Brisbane Industry Trade events.Kianoosh has been awarded numerous Design Awards for her furniture products including Design Institute of Australia Awards. In 2016 Kianoosh formalized the working relationship with Peter Kitely forming the partnership Kitely Kianoosh Design. Kianoosh continues to investigate the themes of simplicity combined with meticulous detailing.In September 2016 KITELY KIANOOSH DESIGN accepted an invitation to show work at the Shanghai International Furniture Fair.

Artist Statement

My passion for design is an exciting adventure and career change. I like to capture and translate moments of life into design. Mercurial in nature I record an idea or image in pen on paper. I am influenced and informed through my love of nature and by my cultural origins. My creative expression is embedded in form, material choices and industrial processes.