Larissa Nguyen



I am an abstract artist based in Perth, Western Australia. In October 2019, I decided to finally follow my passion and started my path in becoming an artist. I enjoy painting intuitively with minimal planning and going where the paint takes me. For me painting is like soul searching and each artwork is a reflection. I paint to explore and express and it gives me immense joy to bring something beautiful into the world that wasn’t there before. I am inspired by nature and people’s response to life - its mysteries, its challenges as well as its blessings. So too am I inspired by the colours and materials before me – how they transform through my movements and strokes. My creations range from abstract forms to impressionist expressions with colour, shapes and textures that are often reminiscent of nature.

Artist Statement

I seek for my work to illicit a memory or emotion and allow its viewer to dwell and remain in the moment. Sometimes it’s simplicity and balance, or a precious moment of peace. Sometimes it’s bravery and resilience. Sometimes it is freedom and escape.