Marina Lommerse



I received my MA (Design) from Curtin University and BA (Interior Architecture) from the University of Manitoba. I was born in England and have lived in Tanzania, Canada and the UK. I am based in Australia. As a conceptual artist, the context I work in informs the idea and medium. My experience in spatial design and theories about place making, community building and nature influence my paintings, murals and mixed media installations. I have received grants from the Australia Council for the Arts, the Department of Culture and the Arts, the City of Fremantle and Curtin University. My arts practice includes curating, educating and consulting. In 2001 I was a Finalist in the Australian Awards for University Teaching. I won a number of design awards in Canada and the UK for interior architecture projects.

Solo Exhibitions

Sea Circus

Kidogo Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia

Group Exhibitions

Public2016 Platform Urban Art Festival

The Language of Flowers \ Installation & Nest New Nomads \ Installation, Curated by FORM Curatorial Team, FORM Gallery, Claremont, Australia.

Public2015 Salon

Curated by FORM Curatorial Team, FORM Gallery, Perth, Australia.

Public2015 Urban Art Festival

Emus Fleeing \ Mural, Curated by FORM Curatorial Team, Fremantle, Australia

An Interior Affair

Curated by Marina Lommerse et al for IDEA, FORM Gallery, Perth, Australia.

Permeable Boundaries

Curated by Marina Lommerse & Dianne Smith, John Curtin Gallery, Perth, Australia.

Riches of Isolation

Curated by Marina Lommerse et al, Salone Satellite, Milan, Italy and FORM Gallery, Perth, Australia.


Curated by Marina Lommerse, FORM Gallery, Perth, Australia.


Finalist, Australian Awards for University Teaching


The Language of Flowers Chandelier \ Installation

Fashion Meets Flowers \ Installation

2016 - 2017
Flora & Fauna of Bramley National Park \ Mural Series

Emus Fleeing \ Mural

2015 - 2016
Carnaby's Food Forest \ Mural


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Raising Understanding of Indigenous Australian Culture through Creative Production in Interior Architecture

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Mountain Seas Arts Residency

During my residency I gathered materials on the island through sketches, colour studies, written material and photography. These will be used to develop a new body of landscape paintings.

Artist Statement

My work captures the essence of a place or idea through atmosphere, colour and storytelling. Theories about place making, community building and nature — as well as The Bauhaus and Impressionism influences my work. As a conceptual artist the context I work in informs the idea. My work includes paintings, murals and installations in paint and mixed media.