le Crayon Marion



Marion Le Crayon is a Fremantle artist with a French background. After her 2D animation studies in the French art School Ecole Pivaut as well as some work in animation studios, she decided to work as a freelance artist , researching more creative freedom. She is a caricature Artist and mainly draw at private and corporate events. From her studio at home, she creates work that is more and more personal. Her first exhibition 'Lots Of Fish' was a first expression of a new practice that completes the caricature medium.

Solo Exhibitions

Lots Of Fish

From the 7th of May to the 7th of July @Kerfuffle Cafe, South Fremantle. A series of intricate B&W ink drawings. Originals and screen prints on paper and on totes, focusing on women and fish.

Artist Statement

Fascinated by the human nature, I have been working around this topic for many years. Caricatures have been a great medium to express the character and essence of people, as well as a great practice. A different interest and aspect of my work has been to capture movement and the feminine in my series 'Lots Of Fish'.