Megan Evans



Megan Evans is best known for her surprising use of a traditional art practise in a contemporary way – china painting. Painting and kiln firing often on up-cycled white porcelain or china tableware. Working on 3D forms gives a sculptural awareness of overall design. There is a sensitive, strong linear drawing base complimented by vibrant, clear colours defining a unique style. Themes refer to historical industrial styles, art history, the natural world and humour. Influences range from historical practitioners – French Impressionist Renoir and American feminist artist Judy Chicago to current artist Professor Kurt Weiser of Arizona State University, decorating on his own porcelain forms, and porcelain designers (1930s - 40s) in the industrial English potteries – Clarice Cliff and Suzie Cooper. Evans has been informed and guided by Western Australian teachers with a proud history dating

Artist Statement

My paintings, kiln fired on clear glazed, white porcelain or china in the form of tableware, display an array of themes; traditional industrial porcelain decoration, art history, the natural world and humour.