Melanie Maclou



I enjoy the challenge of juxtaposing organic and delicate forms with large-scale heavy metal forms. My artworks are a subtle invitation to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. I often employ the use of flowers to represent the feminine. Flower’s, pods and seeds may be delicate, vulnerable and beautiful yet powerful and resilient at the same time… I aim to capture the magical essence of Feminine Divine and Mother Nature. I graduated in 2007, majoring in sculpture. I received an Advanced Diploma of Fine Art from WA school of Art, Design & Media at Central TAFE. Born in South Africa, raised in Perth, Australia, with lots of world travel thrown in the mix, I have now settled in the Fremantle area to pursue my arts practice. I have been invited to exhibit both internationally and locally. My public art works can be seen in WA and Shanghai.

Artist Statement

I seek to find the hidden truths of Mother Nature and Feminine Divine. Intrinsically intertwined, they dance and weave magic, creating a rhythm of life, revealing intricate pattern, colour and texture. My practice explores the juxtaposition of organic and delicate flowers, seeds and pods with large-scale, robust, welded metal forms.