Richard Potter



As a young person I’m continually inspired. Born in Western Australian suburbia 1970 I’ll have constant fascination. It is indicated a visual arts career with interests in artwork and flying toys. A youngster always making things. From early on a youth in suburbia fuels artwork. Growing to an adult is leading to creativity. I’m always frequenting the art store. Continually painting to music. Taking up studying at TAFE. Painting becomes a constant form of expression. I’m always interested in what’s around me which leads me using my hands. With maturing I must travel to fuel my visions. My skills are accompanied by listening to music. I enjoy insight about hand drawing as I get older. I will take what I’m learning about colour wherever I go.

Artist Statement

From a person who initiates deigns painting will be fun. My paintings will be made to hang. I'd enjoy helping people to hang them. It'd occur to me to help with preparing a wall nail. I'd like to help giving them a hang of course so i could hang around.