Stephanie Reisch



Born in Belgium and based in Perth, Stephanie Reisch is an early career artist who explores mystical and shamanistic precepts through notions of trace and essence. Grounded in animal alchemy and prehistoric rituals, her practice spans across drawing, painting, sound and digital media. She has exhibited at numerous venues including Free Range Gallery, Margaret River Gallery, Linton & Kay, King St Studio, Gallerysmith Project Space [Melb], Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Peek-a-boo Gallery and Perth Galleries. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Fine arts [Hons] and Master of Fine Arts from the University of Western Australia and is represented by Linton & Kay.

Artist Statement

My practice generally references objects from the natural world,particularly skulls and small bone fragments from various animals. It has always been my intention to create artworks that perform beyond the visual and expand into the sensorial. These ideas find common ground with animistic beliefs and the creative processes of the first image-makers.