Susan Respinger



Lately the majority of my art work has been by commission, which has been an amazing way to grow as an artist as it pushes me to go in different directions and try things that I might not have done without the input of a client. I now do a lot of portraiture work which nearly always has a really touching story to go with it which I love hearing about and getting to share a moment with people. I’ve also been commissioned to do a lot of mural work lately which I’m really passionate about. It’s great to be able to change the look of a space on such a large scale and really interact with the people who live or work in the area and see their response to the changes.

Artist Statement

I studied art and design as well as fashion and textiles, and also worked as a hairdresser dabbling in couture hair for fashion shows. I draw inspiration from travel and popular culture. My art is all quite varied in content, although uniform in its vibrancy and light-heartedness. I love colour and to create uplifting images with a sense of humour.