internal-pages.jpgIn 2013 Artsource awarded five emerging artists a share of $30,000 to help launch their careers.

The inaugural Emerging Artists Program grant recipients were:

The Emerging Artists Program helped artists within their first five years of practice, or fine art training, to take the next step in their careers, whether that is embarking on a new project, developing their skills or engaging a professional mentor.

Chief Executive, Gavin Buckley, said “Emerging visual artists can often find it an uphill battle to set up their practice and start earning a reliable income. The Emerging Artist Program provides a platform for these artists to explore new concepts and progress their careers.”

“We are thrilled to offer this valuable opportunity to members in 2013. With the financial support of the Department of Culture and the Arts’ Philanthropy Incentive Program, we have been working with the Constantine Family Foundation to develop this exciting initiative,” he continued.

“I would like to congratulate Abdul-Rahman, Kieron, Emma, Matthew and Joanna, and I look forward to watching their projects come to fruition.”

Abdul-internal-(3).jpgAbdul-Rahman Abdullah

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, who works across sculpture and installation, was awarded a $10,000 grant to develop a new body of work titled The Accidental Traveller, with professional guidance from artist Thea Costantino.

"The Accidental Traveller will build on the outcomes of my recent solo exhibition Maghrib, currently at Venn Gallery. I really want to explore further some of the more opaque aspects of my childhood, focusing particularly on spiritual phenomena and the ways it is understood and rationalised as a child," Abdul-Rahman said.

"I plan to develop a series of works that can be experienced as an immersive installation, taking into account sound, scale and atmospheric tension in order to bring a viewer into a world of my making," he continued.

03-Kieron-Broadhurst-white-noise-art.jpgKieron Broadhurst

Kieron Broadhurst received $6,000 to document his recent project Shareparty 1.0 with an artist's book.

Kieron explained, "Taking place during a three month residency at Fremantle Arts Centre, Shareparty 1.0 was aimed at investigating how people construct meaning in their lives on a personal level. Functioning like a social networking site, individuals who visited the studio were asked to share something from their lives through two different interfaces; an anonymous ‘sharebox’ located outside of the studio, or an interview with the artist inside the studio."

"Shareparty 1.0 will now be transcribed into an artist's book providing a record of interactions that took place during the residency, including transcriptions of interviews, a catalogue of the notes left in the sharebox and work created from this research material."

02-Emma-Buswell-ply-gallery-2-0-in-the-green.jpgEmma Buswell

Emma Buswell was awarded $6,000 for her project maxART, which aims to test the limits and confines of a traditional gallery space.  Following a two-year research practice, maxART will attempt to create a short term gallery space within the Perth CBD.

Emma explained, "maxART" is a durational project taking place between September and October of this year that will seek to disrupt the normal presentation of art within the urban environment."

"Taking up residence in a small vacant office space in one of Perth's tallest skyscrapers and orientating itself as a contemporary art gallery, maxART will create an intimate and unexpected experience of contemporary arts practice." 


Trolling-2-(1).jpgMatthew McVeigh

Matthew McVeigh received $2,500 to develop his practice as a sculptor and designer.

Matthew said, "The grant will be put towards consolidating and focusing my practice as a multi-disciplinary artist. I will be using my solo exhibition in October as a platform to gain further residency work, opportunities for responsive and site specific work, interest from national collections and curators."

"I will focus on developing the common thread of ideas across my work such as  economics, consumption, globalisation and more generally an interest in sociology."

8_J-Sulkowski.jpgJoanna Sulkowski

Joanna Sulkowski was awarded $5,500. She will occupy a studio space for 4 to 6 months and engage artist, writer and lecturer Louise Morrison as a professional mentor.

"I plan to begin a new body of work with the assistance of a mentor and short term studio support. I intend to carry out a period of research and experimentation into the relationship with space and design, looking into architecture and design such as furniture and fashion," Joanna said.

"I am interested in observing how design of the the built environment is incorporated in our social structure and the impact this brings on everyday life."


  • The Emerging Artists Program was supported by the State of Western Australia through the Department of Culture and the Arts pursuant to the Philanthropy Incentive Program.