Time by the clock (UTC) provides an armature for the pressures and pace of life in the contemporary first world. In my exhibition Dasein, I explore an alternative; our lived or felt experience of time. I mark temporal passage and encourage engagement with the movement of elemental materials. Artworks draw on the powerful positive affect that water and watery sites can have on the mind and body; a claim supported by environmental psychology theories, and familiar to all those who gaze out to the ocean, delight in the patter of rain and relish the sensation of diving into a pool. This cohesive body of minimalist installations seeks to seduce the viewer, encouraging presence and movement with time, rather than against it.

Opening Event at Old Customs House(Artsource) :  Friday 15 March at 6pm
Exhibition runs: Saturday 16 - Sunday 24 March, 11am - 4pm Wed - Sun. 

All welcome. Free event. Wheelchair access.

Supported by Factotum Industries, Wise Wine, Artists Foundation of WA and an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship