Penny Bovell in her artist studio, 2016. Photographer: Sue-Lyn MoyleThank you for helping us create a new Singapore Residency in 2018!

Thanks to the generous support of many individual and corporate donors we are pleased to have raised $13,225 by the closing date for matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia. Any donations received will still go towards the Singapore Residency project. All contributions are very welcome.

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You can help us complete our fundraising goal: CLICK HERE, or the donate button below to donate now online. Whether you are making a one-off donation, renewing as a patron or donating as a corporate sponsor, donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. 

Global City Donor Circle

Donations over $1,000 will join our Donor Circle and receive updates as the artist's residency unfolds, as well as invitations to special events with the artist.

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Why residencies are so important

Residencies are critical for professional artists developing their practice, advancing their careers and building important international networks. Our research shows that residencies are second only to studios as the most valuable support we offer to professional artists. Our existing Global City Residencies include, New York, Sydney and Basel. We are excited to be adding Singapore to our portfolio.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is a major visual arts hub for the region with existing connections for Australian artists, gallerists and curators. There is a thriving community of artists, curators and researchers, with a number of residency opportunities for research, art production and critical discourse. For example, NTU CCA offers a research-driven studio programme for established and emerging artists from Singapore and abroad. Grey Projects is an arts organisation offering international residencies to Australian visual artists through Asialink, based in Melbourne.

What do our artists think?

"Artist residencies fit within the ethos of globalisation. Western Australian artists can suffer from feelings of isolation - this makes it all the more necessary to get away. It also becomes necessary at some point to seek professional development and with relatively low incomes, artists find it difficult to afford travel abroad. Residency programs help artists avoid the usual touristic avenues for traveling; it's not about a holiday or a comfortable hotel, it's about feeling the unfamiliar and exploring away from the tourist traps. Artists tend to avoid traditional tourism in search for more esoteric experiences.

"I went on residency to stimulate myself. I wanted to explore new ideas and the work since has surprised me. I can see how the experience has challenged me and fed into my work. The results are far-reaching and I will start to articulate things in the future." - Penny Bovell, NES residency (with DCA project funding) to Skagaströnd, Iceland in 2016
Teelah George in her Artsource Fremantle studio, 2016. Photographer: Christophe Canato
"The residency experience really fortified my relationship to place, history and the motivations behind making work. It offered a new way for me to see." 
- Teelah George, Artspace Residency recipient 2015 (image right)

A big thank you to Artsource for making this type of grant available as I can honestly say it has been life changing and became the direction of my art practice for the years ahead.”  - Tania Ferrier, Go Anywhere residency recipient 2012

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What is Plus1 matched funding?

Creative Partnerships Australia has given Artsource a Plus1 grant towards two Singapore residencies. To receive the grant we simply have to raise up to $15,000 for it to be matched. At $13,275, we are just shy of our fundraising goal, so now is a great time to donate to Artsource - your donation will make twice the impact on WA’s visual artists by helping us send not just one, but two artists on residency.


JustGiving-for-Fun challenge

How well do you know your Global Cities? Click here to challenge yourself or get your friends to team together to answer this Global-City-20-questions quiz based on residencies undertaken by Artsource members around the world. Once you have completed your individual or group donation through our Justgiving page, click here to start the quiz. We are delighted to have reached our initial milestone of $5,000 raised, and have released the answers here>

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