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Saturday night fever, glazed ceramics with wood and glue, 154x41x41cm, 2017New Customs:
Artsource Fremantle Studio Artists

New Customs is presented by the Artsource Studio artists from Old Customs House in Fremantle, including:  Neda Bahremand, Lucille Martin, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Liam Dee, Elisabeth Keller, Tanya Jaceglav, Alana McVeigh, Gera Woltjer, Rima Zabaneh, Bjoern Rainer Adamson, Tom Freeman, Paul Kaptein, Fiona Rafferty, Matthew McAlpine, Will Axten, Angela Mezzatesta and Wayward Jewellers: Susannah Kings-Lynne, Molly Tylor-Price, Anna Sophia.

  • WHEN: 17 to 24 November 2018
  • WHERE: Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle
  • OPENING: 4pm to 7pm Saturday 17 November 2018



Inaugural Old Customs House Salon. Showcasing the solidarity and diversity of Artsource artists.

The art world is undeniably changing. Yet, the continuing challenges facing individual artists, and the broader visual arts sector, are equitable representation, visibility and exposure.

This salon exhibition, GALVANISE, celebrates egalitarianism and reflects the rich diversity of Artsource artists, in a time when solidarity, collective dynamics and peer support networks are so vital to every artist's sustainability.

The Salon is curated by Artsource member and volunteer art curator, Sandra Murray, (Bankwest and Royal Agricultural Society of WA).

The opening night will be celebrated as our Christmas Sundowner and we hope you will come to celebrate with us. 

  • OPENING: 6pm to 8pm Friday 7 December 2018
  • WHEN: 7 December 2018 to 5 January 2019
  • WHERE: Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle WA


Art in the West End 2018Art in the West End

Our Artsource Fremantle Studios, plus those at PSASLevel Up Studios and the National Hotel Staircase Gallery will be open to the public all together for the first time. Come along to enjoy this cultural walk through the West End of Fremantle.

  • WHEN: Friday 2 November 2018

Hannah Hallam-Eames & Samuel Jackson,Algae #2, Slime and Shine, 2018 (detail). Photographer: André PiguetIt is a long time since this moment

Presented by MOANA Project Space

Matt Aitken + Mei Swan Lim, Archie Barry, Marisa Georgiou, Hannah Hallam-Eames + Samuel Jackson, Nadege Philippe-Janon

It is a long time since this moment is a speculative imagining of how we might understand our relationships and ways of being in the world against a backdrop of rapidly shifting ecosystems, capital and labour. These changes can no longer necessarily be called ‘progress’.

As our environment deteriorates, so too does humanity’s constructed notions of the body, the self, and the human as distinct from our ecologies, our technologies, and other creatures.

The artists featured examine how interrelated systems of bodies - human and nonhuman - may interact and inform one another, reimagining our relationship to the past, present, and future of the world.

Working with nonhuman entities as diverse as algae, pigeons, and houseplants, the artists featured reimagine our fundamental relationships with ourselves and the other. Pigeon feathers are meditatively licked and caressed with the tongue, algae is co-opted as biofuel and sold back to us by corporations, eyes are digitally altered to flicker at impossible speeds, dissenting against visual examinations commonly used to misgender and delegitimise. Meanwhile, mouths are transformed into repositories with which to water houseplants in an act of care and tenderness, and intimate choruses of swamps and native Australian environments caress visitors’ ears. The works in this exhibition variously criticise, rebel, and provide hope for the future that threatens and beckons us. In this way, It is a long time since this moment explores our anxieties around the survival of life on Earth and our future possibilities of connections with other beings, objects, and environments.

It is a long time since this moment features the work of Matt Aitken & Mei Swan Lim (WA), Archie Barry (VIC), Marisa Georgiou (QLD), Hannah Hallam-Eames & Samuel Jackson (NZ), and Nadege Philippe-Janon (TAS). The exhibition is curated by Moana Project Space’s Jess Boyce, Grace Connors, Miranda Johnson, and Matthew Siddall, as part of SymbioticA's Unhallowed Arts Festival.

  • WHEN: 13 October to 2 November 2018

Marisa Georgiou, Afternoon Fountain Routine, 2016 (still). Jeremy Eden_800px


Woven from Straw + Systematic Intuition

'Woven from Straw' by Theo Koning appears alongside 'Systematic Intuition' by Gert Handschin in this double exhibition from these Artsource Fremantle/Basel Residency Exchange artists, presenting their complementary series of complex works resulting from seemingly simple interventions. 

In 1989, the Basel Residency began as an annual reciprocal exchange residency with a six-month stay for recipients in the Artsource Fremantle Artist Studio or at Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland. As one of the first studio artists at Artsource and the 2015 Basel exchange recipient, Fremantle local, Theo Koning, has been a regular of the unofficial welcoming committee for the visiting Swiss artists, including Gert Handschin in 2016. What began as a Wednesday night tradition over snooker at the Buffalo Club, has seen working relationships formed and explored in a chance series of Basel/Fremantle artists exhibitions at Salon Mondial, and now at Old Customs House for the first time.

  • OPENS: 6pm Friday 7 September 2018. CLICK HERE to register.
  • WHEN: 11am to 5pm Thursday to Sunday, 8 to 30 September 2018
  • WHERE: Artsource Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle WA 6160

Theo Koning, Woven from Straw, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist

Woven from Straw

Theo Koning

Theo's sculptural assemblages, created mainly from found wooden objects, driftwood and papermache with gesso, explore the formal spatial concerns of abstract sculpture. Through a process of juxtaposition, addition and subtraction, employing stacking, balancing form and negative spaces, the materials form a relationship to create works that are curious and questioning.


Gert Handschin, Sytematic Intuition, 2018. Image courtesy of the artistSystematic Intuition

Gert Handschin

Gert Handschin is guided by practical considerations, which he brings with his perception in an emotional equilibrium. Consciously and unconsciously, his works incorporate a whole series of complementarities: surface and space, light and darkness, inside and outside, front and back, lightness and weight, positive and negative, whole and detail. His work is almost like a proof that the body, the space is already created in the area. But his interventions are not guided by mathematical thinking. The understanding of the impact defines the felt results. The usually simple, seemingly obvious figure is based on a more complex concept - a mixture of systematics and feeling.

Gert Handschin lässt sich leiten von praktischen Erwägungen, die er mit seiner Wahrnehmung in ein gefühlsmäßiges Gleichgewicht bringt. Bewusst und unbewusst fließen in seine Arbeiten eine ganze Reihe von Komplementaritäten ein: Fläche und Raum, Licht und Dunkelheit, Innen und Außen, Vorne und Hinten, Leichtigkeit und Schwere, Positiv und Negativ, Ganzes und Ausschnitthaftes. Seine Arbeit ist fast wie ein Beweis dafür, dass der Körper, der Raum schon in der Fläche angelegt ist. Doch seine Eingriffe sind nicht geleitet von einem mathematischen Denken. Bestimmend für die Ergebnisse ist das Gespür für die Wirkung. Der meist einfachen, wie selbstverständlich erscheinenden Gestalt liegt eine komplexere Konzeption zugrunde – eine Mischung aus Systematik und Gefühl.

- Gerd Jansen

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SUCCESSOR STATES presents LEVIATHAN SPATIAL SOUND EXPERIMENT - two nights of experimental sound performances in Old Customs House Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August 2018.
Curated by Steve Paraskos, these unique performances present a series of new spatial sound works by a group of talented local musicians including Steve, Stuart James, Nathan Thompson and Michael Terren.
The performances will be presented using a large-scale 32-channel speaker array that capitalises on the unique architectural and acoustic properties of Old Customs House. Conceptually these works will also respond to the idea of ‘Leviathan’ (a large biblical sea monster) within a more contemporary context.

This Is How We Walk On The Moon

Amy Perejuan-Capone

15 July to 5 August 2018
An exhibition of snowy installations by Amy Perejuan-Capone inspired by hope and intrepid curiosity in the High Arctic. A vault of seeds, a zeppelin headed north, a rocket to Mars. All in the irrationally misplaced weather, even the most unlikely experiments have a basis in hope.

Amy Perejuan-Capone, This Is How We Walk On The Moon, 2018.

Supported by

City of Fremantle  

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Brad Rimmer, View from Rifflhorn #5, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.Don't Look Down

Brad Rimmer

31 May to 15 June 2018
A series of new works by 2017 Global City Residency Basel recipient, Brad Rimmer. From ancient times to the present, the Alps have had mythological, spiritual and romantic significance. Recognisable peaks like the Matterhorn have become trademarks for chocolate companies and the like and their rugged profiles have filtered into our everyday lives in places far away. In the past century, advances in engineering in the Alps have made access to viewing platforms easy and now thousands of tourists line up to photograph these scenic vistas every day. Brad has altered these views to question the experience of what we already know in our collective memories.

Raised in Wyalkatchem in the Central Wheatbelt region of WA, Fremantle based photographer Brad Rimmer seeks to uncover the human within often alienating everyday environs. He continues to use his artistic practice to probe at the essence of rural Australia and the emotional impact of the natural landscape upon individual psyches.

His work has been shown in numerous local and international solo exhibitions, including PIAF 2005; the 2004, 2005 and 2008 Pingyao and the 2006 Lianzhou International Photo Festivals in China; the 2006 Brighton Photo Biennial in the United Kingdom; Kaunas Photo 08 in Lithuania and Photoforum PasquArt in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

In 2009 he was awarded a Mid Career Fellowship from the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts in order to publish Silence in 2010. His photographs are held in numerous national and corporate collections, including the National Gallery of Australia and The Art Gallery of Western Australia.

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Alexander Tandy

False Alarm by Alex Tandy opened from 23 March to 8 April 2018 at Artsource Old Customs House. His solo exhibition is an array of "considered mess" from spending time on site to work with a variety of media he calls "ways, feelings, sights and sounds". 


Everything all at once.
Everything is everywhere.
Every minute, In every direction are decisions, doings, choices.
Happening all at once.
All types of possible considered consequences.
Like a hand basin that is constantly filling to the brim and emptying,
All at the same time,
Staying at the same level. 

by Alexander Tandy


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HIGH VISIONS features new work by George Howlett (AUS), Zora Kreuzer (GER) and Joshua Webb (AUS). Known for their many experiments with light, colour and geometric form, these artists are linked by the use of natural, fluoro, neon or custom LED lighting within their sculptural installations. Each uses one or more of these materials to create various abstracted fields of light and colour. Responding directly to the site of Old Customs House, Howlett, Kreuzer and Webb have devised several new works that make inventive use of the many unique features of expansive ground floor space in this heritage building. Supported by Artsource.

  • EXHIBITION DATES: 12 January to 11 February 2018.

High Visions at Artsource Old Customs House 2018. Photographer: Christophe Canato

Image: (left) Joshua Webb, Solaris 2, 2018. (top) Zora Kruezer, Skylight, 2018. (right) George Howlett, Power Ballads Spotify Playlist, 2018. High Visions exhibition at Artsource Old Customs House. Photographer: Christophe Canato. 

Artsource Talks: If less is more, how are you keeping score?

Join us as visiting artist Jochen Kitzbihler discusses his environmental sculptural works. 
Artsource welcomes back the 2013 Basel Residency exchange artist, who is back in Fremantle for several months, retracing footsteps and connections from his previous time with us. Celebrating the long standing artist exchange between Artsource in Fremantle and Atelier Mondial in Switzerland, this talk gives Artsource members the chance to hear about Jochen’s fascinating art practice, as he moves between gallery and public art making throughout his career.
As an original stone sculptor Jochen moved between a transdisciplinary field, either in exhibition work/Installations as also environmental public art work. In his talk he will show an overview of his constantly work development of 22 years from early stone sculptures to conceptual Imageworks and Installations in brilliant documentary material. 

  • DATE/TIME: 6pm Thursday 8 February 2018
  • COST: Free entry
Jochen Kitzbihler, If less is more how are you keeping score?, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

Jochen Kitzbihler, ABSENCE, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

Artsource Talks: Global City Residency artist reflection

Join 2017 Global City Residency Basel recipient, Brad Rimmer, in a discussion about his six week residency in Basel Switzerland. Read Brad's Residency Reflection, Don't look down, in the Artsource Magazine >

  • COST: Free entry
Brad Rimmer, Rhone Glacier 2, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.

Brad Rimmer, Rhone Glacier, Don't look down, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.