Cultural warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this webpage contains references and images of deceased persons. 

Bob Gibson, Warlutu, 2018. Tjarlili Art

Rawa Titungarala

Continuing from a long time ago

8 June to 31 July 2020

Rawa Titungarala [Continuing from a long time ago], tells of the resilient nature of the artists, elders and younger generations of Ngaanyatjarra artists.

This presentation is a collective showcase by Tjarlirli Art, Papulankutja Artists and Warakurna Artists from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia, curated by Madeleine van der List.

The art and design works demonstrate wild mappings depicted in paintings, personified representations in inks converted to street-wear and the imaginative play of youth giving contemporary context of concerns and beliefs.

Each artist brings their own expression and perspective of stories which are shared among families across the desert determined by birth place and journeying. Wildly brushed works, the wavering of drawn lines contrasted with the finesse of light strokes and bursts of colour are typical marks distinguishing the boldness of desert artists.

Tjarlirli Art
Mrs. N Giles (dec.), Bob Gibson, Mrs. V Nampitjinpa (dec.), Ronnie Allen, Mrs. E Giles (dec.), Bonnie Connelly, Katjarra Butler
Joy Jackson.

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Warakurna Artists
Frieda Lane, Walya Mitchell (dec.), Neville Niypula Mcarthur, Shawn Lewis, Ruth Bates Pirrnku, Winifred Reid, Eunice Porter Yunurupa, Polly Pawuya Butler-Jackson, Tracey Yates, Dorcas Tinamayi Bennett, Cindy Robertson, Valerie Ward, Dorothy Ward
Norma Giles

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Papulankutja Artists
Eileen Tjayanka Woods, Jennifer Nginana Mitchell, Ethel (Narelle) Kanpatja Holland, Angilyiya Tjapiti Mitchell

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View the exhibition

We welcome you to view the exhibition Thursday to Saturday between 10am to 12pm, with curator, Madeleine van der List. Bookings outside of these times available by prior arrangement.

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Q+A Series

In addition to the showcase presentation of artworks, we will be releasing videos as a part of our Q&A series starting with Winston Green from Tjukurla community and John Carty from South Australia Museum.

Thanks to Regional Arts WA, we have also been supporting the artists with media training to help them translate their stories. We look forward to sharing their upcoming video footage, stay tuned!


Online auction + BUY NOW

Visit the online auction to browse and read more details about the artists and artworks. Buy now option available for those keen to secure their purchase, without waiting until the close of the auction. Interstate and international delivery quoted upon request. 



Marketplace ONLINE

Ngurra Streetwear, t-shirts and tote bags from Warakurna Artists are for sale in the gallery and online. Bold, captivating artworks from Papulankutja Artists are also available.

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Behind the scenes #rawatitu

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COVID-19 has brought many challenges to all and we express our appreciation for the generosity and perseverance of all of our colleagues and partners who made the exhibition of Rawa Titungarala still possible.

Since the changes to Fremantle Art Centre's Revealed program, including the cancellation of the Art Market and professional development program, efforts made to continue supporting WA's art centres have been vital for maintaining connection with audiences, delivering professional development opportunities, and sustaining important income for artists. 

With support from Regional Arts WA, the artists and centre managers in Rawa Titungarala were able to continue with important professional development, originally due to be delivered in person at the arts incubator, Old Customs House, in Fremantle's West End. Instead, the continuation of the program via videolink with the regional arts centres, allowed artists to still participate in the curation of their artworks and in the translation of their stories. The communications also helped maintain beneficial human connection and support during a time of border closures and broader impacts. We look forward to sharing their upcoming video footage.

In addition to the showcase presentation of artworks, we will be releasing videos as a part of our Q&A series starting with Winston Green from Tjukurla community and John Carty from South Australia Museum. Stay tuned!


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Top right: Bob Gibson, Warlurtu (detail), 2018. Image courtesy of Tjarlirli Art.

Warakurna and Tjarlirli Art artists recording.

Tjarlirli Art, artists in studio, 2012. Image courtesy of Tjarlirli Art Faith Butler in the studio at Tjarlirli Art. Image courtesy of Tjarlirli Art.  

Bob Gibson works for Darwin Art Fair, 2019. Image courtesy of Tjarlirli Art.Jillian Giles at Tjarlirli Art. Image courtesy of Tjarlirli Art.Tjurkurla community artists workshop with Papulankutja and Tarlirli artists, 2019.