Patricia Hines


Patricia Hines has the curiosity to explore new ideas and experiment which advances her long standing art practice to other dimensions. Her early career as a Graphic & Fabric Designer informs her responses to pattern, colour and form and she successfully combines all her skills as a contemporary artist, print maker and potter to produce beautiful mixed media artworks which clearly demonstrate her strong design sense coupled with her sensibility to environmental stimuli around her. She is especially inspired by the northern Jarrah Forest near her home in Dwellingup.

Solo Exhibitions


Sept 10 - October 10 Lost Eden Creative, 58 Mclarty St Dwellingup Wed & Fri 11-3 Sat & Sun 10 - 4 Opening on Sept 11 at 2pm


Gallows Gallery


The Journal of Australian Ceramics Vol 59 no 1

Creating Traces in Dwellingup -Alternate Archive installations - 'Traces' hand made printed, embossed and entombed fauna and flora into ceramic tiles. Timber 'museum' boxes with assorted items.

Artist Profile issue 58

'From Walyalup with Love' Sculpture at Bathers 2022 - Louella Hayes ENFOLD glazed ceramic wings, router cut acrylic, LED lights in perspex box 60x60x10cm

Artist Statement

While mixing mediums and exploring techniques has become common practice among artists today, achieving results that are formally successful and visually satisfying remains a significantly more difficult challenge.