Berenice Rarig


Berenice Rarig is a tinkerer, a collager of precious bits, a collector of things haptic, a mixer of metaphors an editor. Play, humor, language, mystery, journey, beauty, irony and wonder are the colors of her palette. Her work comprises installation, performance, sculpture and photography. She is currently engaged in postgraduate practice led research around ideas of “grace”. The working title of her research is, 'Imaging Grace: Art practice as a site of grace.' Berenice has guest lectured in universities and at conferences and has mentored artist residencies world wide and exhibited internationally.

Artist Statement

For Berenice, art practice is a portal to relationship; a relationship with Maker, materials and those with whom the art practice touches. For her, the process of making is a trust journey, a listening, a response, a conversation, a privilege and is to be undertaken with grace, respect and humility and yes, love.