Elizabeth James-Taylor


Elizabeth James-Taylor was born in Bahrain in 1958. She migrated to Perth, WA in 1966 with her family. She loved drawing as a child and initially embarked on a career in fashion. After graduating with a fashion design diploma she worked in sales, production and design. Her passion to design and manufacture her own label was realised in 1983 when she opened the "Sahara" boutique in Mount Lawley. This was an exciting time in the fashion industry. Alternative clothing was sought after and Sahara became a iconic destination. Elizabeth also worked as a textile consultant for Chase Textiles consulting in relation to the refurbishment of five star hotels. Elizabeth has since exhibited in group and solo exhibitions has been an occasional lecturer teaching basketry at Curtin University in the Aboriginal studies department.

Artist Statement

As an artist I work in several different mediums - basketry, sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting. My main pursuit is the latter. I am inspired by our natural environment whose beauty and complexity are continuing themes in my work. I explore fractals [a natural phenomenon found in nature] in my basketry sculptures