Brenton See


David Attenborough's documentaries have been a big influence on his work and are one of the main reasons he chooses to use animals in his pieces. Brenton enjoys using animals and objects rather than the human form to express himself and the stories he wants to tell. He is constantly focusing on the topic of “predator and prey” and “life and death” as these (as well as in the animal kingdom) are very relevant to the lives we as humans live. ​After graduating secondary school Brenton then went on to study graphic design. Before starting his Advanced Diploma he decided working with computers wasn’t the direction he wanted to head down in life. Brenton searched for employment where he could use his hands to create the artwork he had in his head. In 2007 he began an apprenticeship in tattooing. At this time Brenton was drawing at home and developing a style.

Artist Statement

Brenton See is a Perth artist specialising in small canvas works to large scale interior and exterior wall murals. Brenton is inspired by the day to day struggles of the everyday person as well as the stories of happiness and sadness and life and death.