Stephen Pennock


My work explores dynamic 3D forms and light to create reverential atmospheres celebrating the optical and emotional effects. My most recent commissions are two stand-alone sculptures at Banksia Grove. The Artwork references back to the name and mimics nature, by abstracting the Banksia plants in to a gridded form. The sculpture is designed to reflect light during the day. Against the ight sky, it becomes a lantern, a lit landmark within the estate. The other artwork is a cubist tower with a grid of laser-cut metal panels. It interacts with the public through music, light and colour. The exploration of light and space is shown in my artwork at North Perth Common for the City of Vincent. Three glowing rings create a feeling of space within the new plaza. The light alters as one moves in and out of the space - giving it a life of its own.

Artist Statement

All of my life I have considered myself an artist. I've lived my life drawing, painting and creating. In my architecture career I have desiisgned many buildings with a strong sculptural or graphic quality. In recent years I have moved back towards art is that I consider it the most vibrant part of the built form or space.