Matthew Jackson


Matthew Jackson has been active in the Perth art arena for over two decades. With a plethora of solo and group exhibitions under his belt, starting in the late 90’s. Jackson has tried his hand at many jobs in the art community, working as a cultural history tutor for several years at ECU and as a high school teacher in a curriculum and re-engagement school for troubled teens. He holds a PhD in visual art which focused on gender fluid identity and has travelled extensively globally meeting and representing LGBTI+ people in his art practice. He currently works from his studio in Alfred Cove where he paints and teaches small groups of adult students privately.

Artist Statement

My art practice is heavily influenced by events and experiences in my life. As an openly queer and long term HIV positive artist, much of my work references tropes of identity, nostalgia and mortality. The focus of my current practice is to reconcile contemporary art trends with the necessity of incorporating deeply personal narratives.