Cale Hummerston


Painter of Murals, Lines, Signs & Designs Hatched in Sydney Caged in Melbourne Released in Perth Obsessed with anything that’s colourful, anything that has wheels, anything that makes sounds. Father/Artist/Skateboarder/Car Builder/Musician/Collector Spent 40 odd years having fun, painting weird things, playing in fast bands, building crazy cars, skateboarding 7 hugging people. Created for many such as Beyond Skate, VANS, BHP, Lo-Fi Store, BUTTERGOODS, Stoke/ADIDAS, Fivefoot4/RIPNDIP, Onboard/SANTA-CRUZ, Absolute Dist/ Z-FLEX Skateboards, Highs And Lows, SiCo Art/PERTH ZOO, Westfield/ SKATESCULPTURE, PARAGON PROPERTY Real Estate,retail, residential properties & more.