Heidi Mullender


Heidi was born in 1984 in Perth, WA. She loved art as a child but only took painting seriously when she had a brief tuition from a family friend who studied under David Moore of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society. She now resides in Dunsborough, WA where she paints and tutors. Heidi’s creative expression focuses on compositions of still life and landscapes local to her home. Her painting style is very active; walking back, squinting, blocking in shapes with deliberate strokes without drawing. Contrast between light and dark compels her to capture beauty with a freshness and lightness of touch. She relishes the chance to paint en plein air and uses a range of tools to create, from palette knife, brushes, rags and fingers. Her work is realistic from a distance and painterly with deliberate texture and strokes when enjoyed up close. Her work evokes feelings of calm, light and peace.


Artist in Residence

Aravina Estate

Artist in Residence

Commonage Pottery and Gallery

Artist Statement

Painting allows me to communicate what I see of the world. Light is my constant focus, whether that be reflective light on ceramic or glass or in a scene. I work with handmade oils and use a Tonal Impressionist technique to capture light and hope to convey calm and peace. My painting style is very active, walking back, squinting and using deliberate strokes.