Howard Worth


Raised in the Perth suburb of Attadale, Howard was initially educated at the local primary school before attending Wesley College. Although always engaged in painting and sculpture at a personal level, his primary career was as an award-winning film and television writer, producer and director, and later as head of the Film and Television program at Curtin University. Since leaving Curtin University, Howard is once again able to devote himself to his art, exploring new and exciting directions. His works have been hung numerous exhibitions and are in private collections across Australia. He has also undertaken several private commissions, Despite disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Howard and his wife, Sally, a watercolour artist, held a successful exhibition at the Cockburn Memorial Hall gallery in May, 2021, resulting in a number of sales and private commissions.

Artist Statement

Howard utilises a range of media in his two-dimensional art, including oils, acrylics and pastels as well as found materials that he sometimes introduces into the underpainting or as collage elements.