Esti Nagy


Esti Nagy is a Perth based artist working primarily in oils and acrylics, contrasting realism with abstract and graphic elements. Her work is inspired by her deeply felt connection to animals and nature. Esti was born in Hungary and moved to Mauritius with her family at the age of ten. She then moved to Australia to study graphic design at Curtin University in her early 20’s, which ignited her passion for design and illustration. Her wish to combine this passion with her love of nature led her to complete a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Western Australia. This gave her many tools for working on large design projects that combined art with nature and architecture. Whilst working as a landscape architect, she found her desire to freely express herself through art grow, and she eventually felt called to pursue being an artist full-time. 

Artist Statement

Ever since I was a small child, I felt a deep connectedness to animals and nature. I see art-making as a part of my soul's work, which often starts with a vision during daily meditation, and is inspired by a larger identity: one which is never separate from the whole and desires healing for all beings and nature.