Deidre Robb


I am originally from Aotearoa New Zealand and have lived in Mandurah since 2010. I studied clothing and textiles, am also a librarian, and my working life has been a patchwork of roles in both sectors as well as in arts administration, the GLAM sector, event management, and community development. I have always made artworks as well as functional objects. For the past five years my practice has been weighted almost exclusively towards creating art, though I use the same materials and traditional textile techniques for both sides of my practice.

Solo Exhibitions

Recent works

The Bank Gallery, Carnamah


Ebb + Flow Artist in Residence

North Midlands Project, Carnamah

Artist Statement

I am an emerging artist investigating meaningful stories, experiences and causes. These range from the deeply personal through to universal social issues, and the environmental issues impacting on the places we live. My interest in historical textiles and handcrafts strongly informs my work. Most of my artworks are made from found or imperfect textiles.