Sherylle Dovaston


Sherylle was born in the dales of North Yorkshire, immigrating to Australia with her mother in the 1970s. Based in Perth, Sherylle has also spent time living and working Great Southern, Pilbara, and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, finding energy and inspiration in the remarkable landscape, people, and stories of her home state. Sherylle’s work and studies in humanities have provided the backdrop for lifelong observations of the nature and complexity of human interactions and emotions which she explores and expresses through her art. Sherylle also draws on her own experiences around trauma, family, love, and redemption, which further influence her work. As a mother and grandmother, the bonds of family remain vital to her creative expression, which also include photography and writing. Sherylle is completing a BA Fine Arts and Visual Culture at Curtin University.

Solo Exhibitions


BlueSky Co.Lab, Murray St Perth.

Legends and Lawmakers

The Trading Post, Mount Barker, WA

Group Exhibitions

Great Southern Art Award

Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany

Who's Looking at YOU

Cambridge Studio, Melbourne


Sketchbook Series

Big Fall Series

Artist Statement

Sherylle Dovaston is an emerging artist working in acrylics, oils, graphite, and mixed media. Through the bold use of colour, texture, and complex composition, her work investigates our relationships with everyday objects, emotional responses to tangible things and historical connections to people and place.