Jeannette Rein


Innovative West Australian designer and artist with a multifarious practice Jeannette expresses a diverse range of scale and purpose. The genesis of the designs and inspiration emanates from the study of the power and dynamics of the natural world. The sculptures are a contemporary rendition of age old skills, exploring an alternative use of timber, resulting in techniques to create forms with exceptionally thin timber laminae that allows for the transmission of light. This tactile manipulation of forms and sensitivity to the materials qualities has allowed for the creation of sculptures that have a lightness and luminosity that appears to defy gravity. Jeannette's work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally, with commissions in the private and public sector.

Artist Statement

My exploration into the inherent qualities of WA timbers, has given me the ability to stretch the known and create new possibilities in my sculptures, that express the imperishable and untouchable spirit of living things. The vitality of the natural form combined with the glimpse of light, shadow, surface and mass, captures the complexity of light and energy