Christine Latham


I discovered my indigenous ancestry at age 35. My grandmother’s children, including my mother, would have been stolen if she had divulged her ancestral secret. Finding out made sense of my gene memory, evident in my aerial perspective drawings since I began to draw as a little kid. My connection to country is strong and I have the deep listening ability, which is evident in all my artworks. I have exhibited a lot in WA and Melbourne, winning numerous local awards, a highly commended from Cossack and have works in collections in the UK, USA, China, Canada and Australia. I’ve been commissioned to do commercial work and public art artworks. I have been the recipient of three government grants. I was recently selected to attend a creative retreat run by BREC ( Fiona De Garis)

Artist Statement

After forty years of teaching as a Specialist Visual Arts Educator in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, plus private classes of young people and adults, I’m now a permanent professional practicing Visual Artist of Caucasian/ Yamatji descent. I have a studio space at the Rabbit Hole where I work on a regular basis, plus a home studio and a Shedio.