Rob Forlani


The discovery of artists such as Kandinsky, Hofmann, Kline, Pollock and Frankenthaler aroused Rob’s interest in Abstract Expressionism. This then started a process of precipitating real life events and situations, spawning ideas which ultimately culminate in abstract paintings creating his first exhibition in 2000. In Mid 2005 Rob was selected to participate in New York’s Agora Gallery’s "Out From Down Under and Beyond: An Exhibition of Fine Art from Australia and New Zealand" with 11 other well-known Australian artists. While traveling through some of the USA's most eclectic cities, such as New York, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco, Rob was able add to his growing melting pot of influence and style. In 2006, Rob’s work was chosen for a solo exhibition, entitled “Essential Abstracts,” to open Zinc Details newest store in San Francisco. This opened up Rob's work to go global.

Artist Statement

I’m in a sense…an improvisational artist, improvising a real life situation into Art. When asked where I sit in the art world I would say that I have become known for bold application of colour and texture in my work. I attempt the use of symbolism to mark my marks on the canvas as a starting point, which for me is crucial.