Guundie Kuchling


Guundie Kuchling was born in Salzburg, Austria, and gained a Master of Fine Arts degree in Vienna. Since arriving in Australia in 1987, her arts practice focuses on oil painting, drawing, print making, sculptures and picture books (12 published so far). Guundie’s concepts include serial art, interconnection of self and nature, and visual dialogue with the environment. She exhibits her art works internationally and is represented in collections in Europe, Madagascar, the USA and Australia, including the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Guundie presents talks and workshops in schools and libraries and also works with her husband Gerald, a world turtle expert. The Kuchlings have a backyard with native plants, fruit trees and vegetables, birds, lizards, spiders and snakes. Their interests include throat singing, baking, making ear rings, walking labyrinths and dry felting.

Artist Statement

I am working in print making, mixed media, sculpture, oil painting and illustration. My main themes are “Embracing Nature”—female figures emmersed in the land; “Communing with Creatures”—the mythic bond between humans and animals; “Leaves of Life”—catalogues of objects from my environment; “Re: Cursive”—handwriting of letters, words and graphic symbols.