15 June 2015

Art and Young People | 2014 Telethon (2015)

As part of the 2014 Telethon Appeal emerging artist Matthew McVeigh worked in collaboration with the young people at Headspace to create a series of sculptural and two-dimensional art works.

This project supported Telethon and the important work they undertake in child health research with the Perth Public Art Foundation continuing its exploration into the impact that engagement with the arts has on the growth, imagination and development of children with severe ill health issues.

For Matthew, working with the young people at Headspace was incredibly rewarding both personally and artistically.  

“I love community art because it’s rewarding to step back and see how art can be used as a process and vehicle for others to express themselves and grow,” says Matthew. “However, I do feel that community art has this stigma attached to it, that it’s all about process and the end product doesn’t matter. In this case the process and end product were of equal importance. Not only did the participants get a lot out of the developing the works, but also a sense of achievement, creating works of high aesthetic merit that are now on public display in view of their friends and peers at the centre. When the works were installed there was a real sense of pride among the participants and their families, knowing they helped contribute to raising money for Telethon.”

The artworks were on display throughout the Telethon weekend and were publicly auctioned at the 2014 Lexus Ball  with all proceeds raised going to Telethon to support ongoing child health research.
The works were generously gifted to headspace where they are now permanently installed providing ongoing engagement and a point of reference for pride, self-esteem and creativity for the young people and visitors to the centre.

The Perth Public Art Foundation (PPAF) is a not for profit charitable organisation that develops philanthropic partnerships to realise public art in the city.

Perth Public Art Foundation Executive Director Nathan Giles said “it was a privilege to collaborate with Matt McVeigh and work with young people suffering severe mental health disorders, exploring emotions through creativity whilst being able to support the work of Telethon’s child health research”. Project Information

Artsource Consulting managed the artwork commissions for this project. For more information about Artsource Consulting services, click here.

Project Information

  • Client: Perth Public Art Foundation
  • Stakeholders and Partners: The Telethon Trust and Headspace Rockingham
  • Role of Artsource: Art Consultant
  • Artists: Matthew McVeigh
  • Outcome: A series of art works and artists’ workshops with the young people.
  • Artwork budget: $59,000