Kieron Broadhurst in studio, 2013. Photo: Eva FernandezArtsource, supported by BHP Billiton, is proud to help WA artists take the next step to ignite their career.

The Artsource Ignite initiative supports visual artists who are ready to take the next step in developing their careers.

This next step could include, but is not limited to, a professional development activity, research towards new work, or developing an exhibition, production or publication. It could be undertaking some form of activity that will assist in the journey, or taking a considered risk on a new venture, project or path. Projects may also include working with a mentor to coach, challenge and guide the artists.

Our 2013 Emerging Artists Program was a pilot for Ignite. Artist participants in the pilot program were Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Kieron Broadhurst, Emma Buswell, Matt McVeigh and Joanna Sulkowski. More >

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

The successful applicants for Ignite 2014/15 are:

Katie West, Transgenerational Healing, 2014, Acrylic Wool, Masking Tape, 139 x 125 cm, Image courtesy of the Artist

Katie West

Katie is an emerging artist who is keen to explore her own sense of Aboriginality and how it runs parallel to a historical narrative informed by Trans-generational trauma experienced by Aboriginal people in Australia.


Benjamin Kovacsy, Intarsia Trip, 2012, Timber Veneer and MDF, 60 x 60 cm x 2, Image by Casey AyersBenjamin Kovacsy

Benjamin will enter into a mentorship with Mark Parfitt to challenge the conceptual and physical nature of his practice as well as build his skills in producing works on a larger scale.  


Eva Fernandez, Flora Obscura, 2014, Archival Digital Print, 168 x 168 cm, Image courtesy of artist.

Eva Fernandez

Eva will develop an artist book based on a collection of narratives, anecdotes and new artworks that connect her and her artwork to her family history during the Spanish Civil War.


Thomas Heidt, Chase, 2014, Ballpoint pen, highlighter, liquid paper on ply, 120 x 89.5 cm, Image courtesy of Nigel Heidt

Thomas Heidt

Thomas will enter into a mentorship to assist him in developing a new body of work and to engage a curator to mentor his development in order for him to exhibit in the eastern states.


Stuart Elliott, Community IV, 2013 Wood, Steel, Paints and Varnishes, 750 x 1400 mm, Image courtesy of the artist.Stuart Elliott

Stuart seeks to develop new skills in audio-visual artwork to complement his practice and transform his work into constructed images, objects and environments that will function in animated and performative dynamics.


Christopher Young, Seven #21, 2012, Lightjet Print, 80 x 64 cm, Image courtesy of artist.Christopher Young

Chris’ photographic artwork, Small Town, will be published, as a photographer the opportunity to publish in print is highly regarded.


Olga Cironis, Grab at the Last Pearl, 2014, Digital Archival Print, 1750 x 1450 cm, Image courtesy of artist.

Olga Cironis

Olga will pursue the rare opportunity to be mentored by a well-known international curator to develop the artist’s networks and establish herself as an international artist. 



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