IMAGE: Edible and medicinal materials from Mort and Vivviene Hansen workshop, ArtsHouse Community Garden and AiR, 2018. Photographer: Perdita PhillipsCyril Jackson Senior Campus ArtsHouse



Visual artists, Elizabeth Pedler and Gordon Mitchell, have been selected for two six-month residencies at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ArtsHouse in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

This collaborative project between Artsource and Cyril Jackson Senior Campus (CJSC) offers the two artists unparalleled collaboration and connection with a diverse range of students, staff and community.

The ArtsHouse residency was created to deliver opportunities for artists to share knowledge, collaborate,
explore and provide mentorships to CJSC students. Supported by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, these
residencies offer the artists a unique opportunity to learn from students and the community, whilst
simultaneously sharing their own knowledge, skills and experiences.

Pedler has begun exploring relational aesthetics through dialogue and bridging the gaps between people and
contructs in the surrounding environment. In consultation and through engagement with the school
community, she will further develop project concepts for a series of creative workshops and open studio events.

In his residency beginning April 2019, Mitchell will explore the theme of Identity: Fame & Fake. Through media
and advertisement analysis, Mitchell will engage with the students to explore how these visuals position us and
influence feelings of identity.

Previous artists-in-residence at CJSC Arthouse include Sharyn Egan, who explored a botanical themse in the
areas of print making, drawing and colour theory. Through dynamic learning experiences, these residencies
demonstrate the role artists play within society.

Supported by

Artsource and Cyril Jackson Senior Campus acknowledges the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund for supporting the Artists in Residency project.

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Vivienne Binyarn Hansen at ArtsHouse artist talks, Noongar Bush Medicine: Medicinal Plants of the South-West of Western Australia. Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, 2018. Photographer: Perdita Phillips

ArtsHouse Artist-In-Residence 2018-2019


A Cyril Jackson and Artsource project
supported by Copyright Agency Cultural Fund 

Artsource and Cyril Jackson Senior Campus (CJSC) are collaborating on an Artist in Residencies program, based at CJSC ArtsHouse. The program consists of three residencies, each with the duration of a school term (8 weeks). The artist will create new work as well as working with students to provide hands on arts experiences.
The artists selected to participate in this residency program will benefit from the experience of developing their teaching skills, the opportunity to interact with the community, build awareness of their work, and have wider audience reach; and having a dedicated studio space to create new work in a supportive environment.
The program will enrich students' knowledge and understanding of contemporary arts practice, demonstrate the role artists play in society, encourage participation of all students, and provide dynamic learning experiences. It will provide cross curricular activities to engage participants from a range of age and socio-economic demographics.
This project has been funded by the Copyright Agency of Australia Cultural Fund, the key objectives of this are:

  • To place artists in an educational setting and build awareness of their work in this sector
  • Provide CJSC support to give individual artists opportunities to develop their professional skills and develop new work

Funding for this project will allow Artsource and Cyril Jackson Senior Campus to deliver three artist residencies, provide each artist with a working studio space and the opportunity to further develop their practice and to share their expertise with the students, staff and community. 
This project will have three main focus areas and suitable artists will be selected to support these areas:

  • Students at Educational Risk especially young males
  • Aboriginal cultural framework, including female artists with science and biodiversity
  • Digital art and literacy


Cyril Jackson Senior Campus is a unique school offering, a diverse range of Year 11 and 12 courses, with an enrolment cohort from compulsory school age working towards graduation, to mature age students simply following their interests. The Senior Campus offers an alternative mature learning environment, priding themselves on accommodating difference, and leading the way in innovation, commitment to life-long education and building community partnerships.
The ArtsHouse project was developed as a creative space, offering opportunities for artists to collaborate and connect with students, staff and the community. The space consists of a private studio and a larger adjoining classroom that is used for personal practice, gatherings and workshops. The ArtsHouse building is set within the ArtsHouse Community Garden Inc. on the Cyril Jackson campus, helping to bring the community and school together. Current projects in the garden include; the development of a bush tucker, medicinal and fibre textile space, that will be planned and planted in consultation with knowledgeable Noongar representatives.
The ArtsHouse is a vibrant learning environment designed to bring real experiences to the students and the community. The Artist in Residence program was created to deliver opportunities for artists to share knowledge, collaborate, explore and provide mentorships to CJ students. This platform offers a unique opportunity to all involved, finding a real solution for strengthening community relationships and developing opportunities.
Cyril Jackson offers a different approach to education, and is built on diversity. The Campus continuously seeks out ways to better support students and finds pathways that both engage and help them thrive. The commitment to working with artists in the ArtsHouse project is one example of this innovation.

ARTSHOUSE Objectives

  • To develop a creative space where artists from all disciplines will mentor and collaborate with students, staff and community members in a range of art projects.
  • Artists and students will have the opportunity to respond to each other’s practice, creating a rich learning environment.
  • Students gain the opportunity to see professional artists at work.
  • Students gain the opportunity to develop mentoring relationships and networking opportunities in an industry that is often isolating.
  • Artists gain the opportunity to work with and be inspired by students.
  • Provide artists with a studio and classroom space for their own personal practice, to be able to run workshops for payment.

Projects like this only happen because of a Leadership team that encourages staff to dream big, and teaching team that are willing to go above and beyond. The CJ team consistently put in many extra hours and detailed planning, to design an innovative curriculum and alternative approach to support student to achieve their dreams.

Artist in Residence 2018 SemESTER 1: Sharyn EGAN  

During her residency, Sharyn Egan will engage with staff and students for between six and eight contact hours per week. This includes working with students across existing visual arts courses, supporting them in the development of new work, engaging in collaborative works, providing one on one mentor support, delivery of new skills and techniques.
Students are working on a botanical theme during Sharyn’s residency. Certificate III in Visual Arts students will work with Sharyn under the guidance of Marie Molloy (ArtsHouse Coordinator and Arts Teacher). They will be using the botanical theme in the areas of Print Making, Drawing and Colour Theory. Sharyn will also work with General Art students (with Arts Teacher Dee George).
As part of her residency Sharyn will also work together with ArtsHouse to develop professional development in the area of the Aboriginal Cultural Framework for teachers in the region.
Sharyn Egan, artist talk at ArtsHouse Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, 2018. ArtsHouse Artist-in-Residence. Photographer: Perdita Phillips


For more information about this artist-in-residence, please contact Artsource at, 08 9335 8366.



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