23 November 2015

Boab Project: Waringarri, Artsource + Landcorp (2015)

A creative partnership between a Kimberley aboriginal art centre and Artsource, on behalf of Landcorp, provided an exciting and enduring opportunity to reach a wider audience with a major public artwork. Located in a new mixed housing development of Kununurra, this project also kicked-off a new and on-going creative enterprise.

The BOAB Project was inspired by the iconic and distinctive boab tree and the traditional art form of boab nut engraving unique to the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Many of the Waringarri artists based at this established and highly respected art centre in Kununurra are skilled and acclaimed
boab nut carvers.

An important part of the brief of the Project was to assist these artists in translating their skills into large form sculptural works. So from the outset the Project was as much about developing new skills and ambitions for Waringarri artists as it was to ensure that a remarkable public artwork was secured as the entry to the new housing development designed and implemented by Landcorp.

Waringarri Manager Cathy Cummins said the BOAB Project had already begun to achieve its objective of growing creative value.

“Techniques and materials developed for the Project are now being used by Waringarri on additional architectural-scale sculptures as well small scale small boab sculptures for sale to the private collector and gallery market. Already we have enjoyed considerable success on many levels” Ms Cummins said.

The BOAB Project has been one corner stone of Waringarri’s objective to embrace a future with wider audience reach, support the development of new art forms and creative enterprises, as well as to nurture emerging artists who will sustain the art centre in the
years ahead.

Not only do these iconic monumental sculptural artworks stand as a creative symbol for Kununurra and Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, but they will attract visitors and locals alike to more fully embrace the depth of the creativity of its local artists.

The BOAB Project has significantly contributed to enriching the creative future for a whole community.


Project Details

Artists: Penny Archie, Michael Beebe, Patrick Bitting, Richard Bloomer, Daisy Cox, Deon Cocks, Aiden Dingle, Glennis Galbat-Newry, Selina Gallagher, Kim Griffiths, James Hector, Sarah Hester, Brian Leering, Kitty Malarvie, Gloria Mengil, Quebec Namala, Ben Ward.

Client: Landcorp.

Project Location: Coolibah Residential Estate, Kununarra.

Art Consultant: Perdita Phillips.

Year Completed: 2015.

Sea Frangos is the Director of Seva Frangos Art, a gallery and consultancy committed to promoting Australian contemporary art and Indigenous art.