2 April 2015

Ellenbrook District on New Trajectory (2015)

Created for the new Ellenbrook District Open Space, Phil and Dawn Gamblen’s series of boldly coloured rotating sculptures, are both a reflection of the vibrant Ellenbrook community and the artist’s ongoing exploration of the theme of movement.

The project comprises four distinct artworks that have been designed to complement the site’s ethos of energy, vitality and youthfulness. Contemporary minimalist aesthetics, vibrant colour and simple directional or overlapping forms, have been combined in order to create a dynamic artwork that exudes energy and vigour.
Located at the Northern entrance to the site is the ‘large-scale focal point’ sculpture Trajectory (wind vane). Painted in bright red and green the work is reminiscent of Australian native flora which combined with the sinuous outline of the support pole creates a feeling of growth and reverence to nature. The design of the vanes are loosely based upon the abstracted form of a bat hitting a ball in stop-motion and relate directly to the activities undertaken in the space.
Unlike the towering wind vane, the three ‘small-scale discovery’ sculptures have been designed to reveal themselves to pedestrians once they are in the vicinity of the artworks.  The ability of the small scale steel artworks to be spun by hand is a built-in design feature to encourage interaction with the artworks.
‘Our ultimate goal was to contribute to the viewer's enjoyment, engagement and understanding of the site using the Ellenbrook culture of physical participation and community connection for guidance and insight.'

  • Artists: Dawn and Phil Gamblen
  • Title of Works: Trajectory (wind vane), Ball and Wicket (banksia seating area), Wetland Wobbles (wetland area), Bounce (playspace zoetrope)
  • Client: City of Swan
  • Project Location: Ellenbrook District Open Space, bordered by Bordeaux Lane and Maffina Parage
  • Role of Artsource: Art Consultant
  • Project Manager: Colin Price, City of Swan
  • Materials: Painted steel, aluminium, bearings
  • Budget:  $70,050.00
  • Year Completed: 2014

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