13 February 2017

Global City 2-for-1 Appeal (2017)

We are 94% there! Our Global City 2-for-1 online appeal has raised nearly $5,000 to help fund a new residency in Singapore.

With matched funding through the Creative Partnership Australia Plus 1 program, donations will be matched dollar for dollar, so that our $5,000 will become $10,000. We are nearly there, having raised over $4,000 so far and need your help to reach our goal. Remember, every dollar makes a difference and every dollar you donate becomes two dollars!

Residencies are critical for our artists, helping to develop their practice, advancing their careers and building important international networks. Singapore has been identified as a major visual arts hub in our immediate region with a thriving artistic community and with strong trade connnections to Western Australia.

It is our goal to expand and develop our suite of residency opportunities for WA visual artists, so that a range of quality Global Cities residencies, of varying lengths, suitable for artists at all stages of their careers, are available.

In 2016, we introduced a New York residency in association with Residencies Unlimited, and we are currently in discussions with prospective partners in several other Global Cities to introduce further opportunities in 2018 and beyond.

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