Artist Talk: Katrin Herzner and Dr. Perdita Phillips (2015)

Artist Talks

An interview of Basel Exchange Artist in Residence Katrin Herzner by Dr. Perdita Phillips.

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Artsource’s 2015 Basel Exchange Artist in Residence, Katrin Herzner, tracked her GPS coordinates to make a series of line drawings illustrating her travels and experiences during her residency at the Artsource Fremantle residential studio. By digitally recording a series of physical movements across landscapes, the continuous line drawings generated a visual diary of her exploits.

“For me, migration appears in lines, like the map of the public transport system. Every day we’re walking past people and our lines are crossing. They are like ephemeral graffiti and I offer a special media to make them visible to everyone. I can explain these lines as being like a diary of my everyday life, same as my travels. It’s not necessary to know the story behind them, but it is fun to tell the background to others and uncover the truth,” says Herzner.

In the final two months of her Artsource residency, her studio exhibition, ‘Hello, I am leaving’, included installations, sculpture, recorded Australian movements and ‘Zeitfenster’ (Time Windows) a photography slideshow of concentrated light and time.


Katrin Herzner, 2015.