Kepa Kalyakoorl - Aquiferous (2021)


Kepa Kalyakoorl - Aquiferous asks: what lies beneath our city?

10AM Friday 5 November. Open Thursdays to Sundays
CLOSES: 6PM Sunday 21 November
WHERE: Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle


winja noonook bidi wah? nguny kepa bidi 
where is your path? my path is the water path
Duba Kan Koorliny Nidja Kepa nyinniny Kalyakoorl
Walk slowly and softly,
and here the water will sit forever
Walking together through place and time, experience the portals to deep waters.

Set at Old Customs House and at sites all along the Kepa Bidi (Water Track), Kepa Kalyakoorl - Aquiferous asks: what lies beneath our city?

Immerse yourself in glowing and moving springs of light and sound, mapped into the space of the Old Customs House. Inviting awe and curiosity, this new commission connects water through a deep acknowledgement of place.

Kepa Kalyakoorl - Aquiferous is a collaboration between interdisciplinary artist Cara Teusner-Gartland, environmental designer Daniel Jan Martin and Whadjuk Nyoongar woman Sandra Harben.