4 February 2015

Leanne Bray at Goodwood Parade (2015)

Ripple on the River, the second public artwork for Goodwood Parade, is an exploration of the Swan River environment and its connection to the built environment.

Leanne Bray’s Ripple on the River is a series of suspended aluminium panels that are designed to complement the original artwork located on the adjoining wall and respond to the beautiful location of the Origin Apartments within the Swan river precinct.
For Leanne, this artwork represents a continuation of her exploration of the Swan River environment, “My thoughts and developments are based purely on the landscape and environmental aspects. With an emphasis on the river. With the Origin Apartments being about the proximity to lifestyle and their stunning ‘views’, I was drawn to the idea of seeing the location from height.’’ Ripple on the River is an extension of the idea of an aerial perspective as seen in the original artwork. This artwork has taken that view and deconstructed and processed into a digital style of work, reminiscent of the digitalized mapping systems. This deconstruction of the original artwork establishes a connection with the very geometric nature of the build.
Project details

Artist:                                     Leanne Bray      
Title of Works:                     
Ripple on the River
Client:                                    Goodwood Development Trust
Project Location:                Goodwood Parade, Burswood
Art Consultant:                    Katy Eccles
Budget:                                  $37,127
Year Completed:                  March 2015