Social Enterprise and Advocacy


Social enterprises are businesses or not-for profits that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, and provide people access to employment and training. In the case of the arts, the economic and working conditions of artists is well recognised as  being amongst the lowest in society; even though professional visual artists are among the most highly educated of all the arts, and more so than the average professional. 

Artsource recognises that this is a social problem not only for artists, but it also weakens the culture of our society.

Artsource has recognised that one of its greatest assets in this work is artists themselves, and the benefits of a strong creative hub in the community. 

To bring these together, we are planning a variety of commercial enterprises that provide community access to old Customs House, foster greater appreciation of the value of the arts, and ultimately that support artists to sustain their careers. Stay tuned as these plans unveil.

Social Enterprise is one of the pillars of support identified in our new Strategic Plan 2020-2024