Why Social Enterprise?


At Artsource, social enterprise involves developing economically viable business activities that support the sustainability of the organisation, so that it can continue to tackle the social and economic problems faced by artists. Services such as providing artist studios at affordable rates, exchange studios supporting artists from regional and remote locations, and studios supporting young and emerging artists, are supported by these activities.

One of our successful social enterprises is our ArtLease / ArtBuy initiative.  Consulting activities within Artsource include the leasing and/or purchasing of artworks and private art commissions.

The most over-arching and vital part of this work is to both advocate and promote practices that are fair and equitable to artists and deliver high quality outcomes for our clients.

Social Enterprise is one of the pillars of support identified in our new Strategic Plan 2020-2024 that will assist our organisation to become more sustainable, and in turn, allow Artsource to provide a wider range and improved services to artists, members and the community.  Stay tuned for more developments.