Portrait of Jochen Kitzbihler with Bicycle. Image Jürgen RoeschJochen Kitzbihler

April 2013

Artist at a glance

  • Born 1966, Germany
  • Living in Freiburg, South West Germany; studio in the Black Forest
  • Studied sculpture under Professor Hiromi Akiyama at Karlsruhe Art Academy
  • Exhibitions and Symposia in Japan and Korea
  • Public art projects in Germany and France
  • Sculptural focus shifting into photography

My work as a sculptor does not fit into a scheme of art. However it is closely related to recent art history like Minimalism, Land art and Conceptual art. I adopt images from science research, transforming them into my art, partially without any obvious adaptation. I do not care too much for artistic attitudes because it is always the conception and idea that makes the difference. However, I have a high demand on the finish of my work, having learnt from my Japanese teacher that the effort put into a piece of art should not be apparent.

Jochen Kitzbihler, Dort 2012, Victoria-Crater, Mars. Installed in Seléstat, France.  Digital print with water-resistant finish. Image Florian Tiedje, Atelier NeufOver the years as a sculptor I have discovered the highest potential in finding objects (such as a special piece of stone) and transforming them into another ‘space’. In time, the classical way of forming stone seemed redundant to me, while transforming it into a new context was a real challenge. Some years ago I extended this kind of method to facts of science, which I am relating and shifting to different contexts today. (Extract from the essay Is Structure Transformation? by Jochen Kitzbihler 2012).

During his six-month residency in Western Australia, Jochen is interested in visiting and researching different landscapes, while investigating geological or biological phenomena. The relationship between humans, space and site will also be a focus of his research. To experience Australia and its scale directly, he is planning several trips with his custom-made German bicycle, brought with him from Germany. Jochen is open to suggestions and advice, particularly in regards to travelling in regional areas. He is also interested in connecting with Perth’s museums, scientists and universities. Naturally he also wants to exchange with all kinds of local artist members. Check out his website www.kitzbihler.de


Jochen Kitzbihler was the Switzerladn-based recipient of the 2013 Basel Exchange Residency.

This article featured in the Artsource Newsletter, Autumn 2013.

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