Connecting Kings Square: Public Art Launch 

Media Release

Kings Square reconnects Perth CBD with Northbridge for the first time in 100 years with over $1.8m of percent for public art.

Connect Kings Square public art launch unveiled an artwork contribution of over $1.8m under the Percent for Public Art Scheme at Perth City Link. Extending from the Perth Station to the new Perth Arena, when completed, the Perth City Link project will reconnect the city centre with Northbridge for the first time in more than 100 years.

Thank you for joining us on Saturday 30 April 2016 along Telethon Avenue for an afternoon of celebration with artist talks and guided art tours, creative activities for the whole family, street dance performers, food and drink outlets, with a special evening concert by Phillip Walley-Stack.

AWESOME Arts provided plenty of creative fun for the kids with lantern making and even a Treasure Trail. The That's Entertainment community mural was completed by many helpers who picked up a paintbrush with Mel McVee. Guided precinct Artist Walks with Warren Langley, April Pine, Rod Garlett, Fred Chaney and Ritchie Kuhaupt were extremely popular and gave us all a wider understanding of public art practice and the importance of art in placemaking. Thanks to our guides Adie from Oh Hey WA and Stuart McMillan. The finale of KS Project public dance performances choreographed by Tyrone Robinson with STRUT Dance took place under Connectus to very impressed crowds. The evening speeches and Strong performance amongst the Koorden artworks with Phillip Walley-Stack emphasised the cultural significance of the Koorden artworks and their Indigenous ceremonial welcome.

If you didn't get a chance to collect a mini DIY Convergence figure by artist April Pine, pop into our Fremantle office, 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle, to pick up a limited edition piece.

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Public Art


By Rod Garlett, Richie Kuhaupt and Fred Chaney

Rod Garlett a Wadjuk, Ballardong Noongar artist in collaboration with artist Richie Kuhaupt and architect Fred Chaney created this large-scale Aboriginal public artwork for Wellington Gardens.

Composed of six dramatic figures rendered in cast bronze, these powerful skeletal male figures face east striding across the grass of Wellington Gardens. The designs stem originally from painted ceremonial markings found in historical photographs and have been reinterpreted by Rod Garlett in extensive consultation with elders in the local Aboriginal community. The artwork also includes the development of a supplementary phone app which will add historical details and cultural richness to the project.

Artsource would like to acknowledge the generous contribution of Shell to the Kings Square Aboriginal artwork through their support of a mentorship program for emerging Aboriginal artist, Tash Gillespie.

Rod Garlett, Richie Kuhaupt and Fred Chaney, Koorden, 2017





By Nicole Voevodin-Cash

Wellington Gardens has been transformed into a fun and playful landscape for both kids and adults alike. The synthetic turf of Ripplescape features miniature hills and dales in concentric rings. At night the luminescent edges come to life to create a nocturnal contoured trail. Nicole's work weaves, ‘the natural with the man-made creating a theatre of the everyday. Giving rise to good social locations, while challenging the senses and the body.’

Nicole Voevodin-Cash,
Ripplescape, 2017



By Damien Butler

Sydney artist Damien Butler won the commission for the KS2 Transition Artwork due to his interesting and clever artwork inspired by the concept of a lake reflecting the sky. The KS2 artwork consists of five custom produced parabolic lenses submerged into the pavement under a glass panel. The parabolic lenses contain
specially selected WA stones and minerals which sit on the mirror like bases. The lighting system activates this laneway space by projecting a hologram-like image of the stones above the glass panels, illuminating the sides of the walkway at night.

Irrational Geometrics


By Pascal Gombis and Gil Percal

Parisian artist Pascal Dombis and architect Gil Percal created a stunning glass artwork for the pedestrian promenade outside KS4. The work is comprised of a series of five glass panels that feature the random proliferation of a simple
geometric element, the line-curve. This line-curve is based on the excessive stretching of a line similar to the stretching of the string of a bow. It pushes the principle of false straight lines and genuine curves to its outer limits. The glass panels were fabricated by local Cooling Brothers Glass Company, the stainless steel bases by Living Iron and the lighting by Light Application.


By Warren Langley

A major artwork by Warren Langley a Sydney based artist, is this featured light installation with a bold continuous form suspended over the main retail laneway inside the Kings Square precinct. The artwork will transition through a soft, subtle colour shift – from yellow through to red – in response to the ambient light of the location and is designed to invoke the unique colours of the Western Australian landscape. Artsource would like to acknowledge the support of DEXUS in providing the power for Connectus and facilitating the suspension of the artwork from their buildings.



By April Pine

Convergence by April Pine is 50 life-size bright yellow figures converging along Wellington Street and within Kings Square in response to the themes of Connection and Transit. From afar the figures act as one, suggesting an event or exciting destination as they journey from the street, through the laneways towards the courtyards and gardens, stopping to ponder, reflect and consider the permanent artworks in their movement. These figures create a gravity of movement as they spill into the laneways and gardens within the new area, leading passing pedestrians into it.
Giveaways of create-at-home versions of the sculptures will be handed out at Connect Kings Square on 30 April.

KS Project


Choreographed by Tyrone Robinson

This street dance performance is supported by STRUT Dance and presented under Connectus every Thursday and Friday at 12pm and 1.30pm during April. The work explores the bonds that are pushed to the limit but also strengthened when people travel together. How the personalities of a group clash and meld together; how peoples past affect where they go and how people connect physically and emotionally to one another. KS Project features dancers
Imanuel Dado, Storm Helmore, Isabella Stone and Shuling Wong. #ksproject @strutdancewa @artsourcewa @earllrae