9 January 2014

Igniting Western Australian Artists (2014)

In June Artsource announced Ignite, a new funding initiative that encourages our members to dream big and apply for funding for an ambitious project. Proudly supported by BHP Billiton, the initiative focuses on projects which ‘ignited’ the artists’ practice and allows them to take the next step in their careers.

“Providing support for that vital next stage in an artist’s career is so important and will undoubtedly make a significant difference to the career and practice development of the recipient artists,” explains Artsource CEO, Gavin Buckley.

We are now thrilled to announce the seven successful applicants for this year: Katie West, Benjamin Kovacsy, Eva Fernandez, Thomas Heidt, Stuart Elliott, Christopher Young and Olga Cironis. 

Young artist Benjamin Kovacsy will enter into a mentorship with prominent Western Australian artist Mark Parfitt, to build his skills in producing works on a larger scale and thus, develop the size and physical presence of his practice. Kovacsy is interested in making more expansive installation artworks and further exploring the concepts of timber artwork used in both traditional and modern applications in craft and fine art. Kovacsy’s Ignite project will allow him to challenge his comfort zone and surpass his current practice of making singular objects, enabling him to, “create a space that viewers are able to enter into.”
This driven young artist applied for Ignite, “so that (his art) can be more relevant to a national and international audience.” He is looking for a challenge, something to push the boundaries of his current practice. “Working with Mark will allow my practice to develop in a way that I had never expected it to,” Kovacsy explains.

This excitement of new and unfamiliar ground is a common thread found throughout each of the Ignite recipient’s projects.

They will be challenging their current practices, stretching their abilities and achieving goals that were previously out of reach. This was the intended purpose of Ignite.
Artsource are committed to creating opportunities for artists to develop their professional practice and in doing so, creating an environment where art and artists flourish. “Ignite is a great investment in these seven talented artists and we look forward to seeing their practice grow and prosper,” says Buckley.

Artsource would like to thank BHP Billiton for their support of the Ignite Initiative.

Visit the Ignite webpage for more information on this exciting funding initiative