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Alister Yiap

Luxury Lady

  • Commissioner: Perth Public Art Foundation For The City Of Perth
  • Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Coming Soon


Alister Yiap is a Perth-based design artist who works in a number of creative fields including Art, Fashion, Jewellery and Industrial design. Yiap specialises in custom bespoke pieces, embedding a distinctive geometric signature aesthetic with a contemporary approach, clean lines and refined attention to detail.

Artist Biography

Alister Yiap graduated with a Bachelor of Art (Jewellery Design) from Curtin University in 2007, where he has since been working in multiple areas and recently started up scaling his work for the public arena. Yiap’s previous experiences in different industries inform his ability to design; where his aesthetics have always had a strong graphic and sculptural element about them.
 Alister is proactive in the Arts and Design industry and regularly attends forums, conferences and symposiums when available and participates in workshops. To date his practice has included opportunities in designing graphics for T-shirts for the National wear it with pride campaign, to lighting and homewares, patterns for silk scarves, hardware for belts and bags to platinum and diamond engagement rings.
As a Design Artist working in 3 dimensions, Alister always try and add the illusion of form and the 3rd dimension where ever possible. Having manufactured majority of his jewellery designs, has resulted in a heighten attention to detail, which Alister utilises and translates into his design process. Alister is also a Lecturer to the Jewellery Design courses both out at North Metropolitan Tafe and Curtin University and is considered a leader in contemporary metalwork’s and has exhibited internationally and throughout Australia.
 The broad spectrum of his experiences showcases his ability to concept and design for a large range of projects. In line with his studio practice this CowParade PERTH 2016 artwork will have a geometric and angular feel, which is a strong stylistic signature of Alister’s design aesthetic. Yiap continually searches for opportunities where he can apply his expertise and expand his design practice.

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IMAGE: Alister Yiap, Luxury Lady, 2016. CowParade PERTH. Photographer: Christophe Canato. Image courtesy of City of Perth, Perth Public Art Foundation and Artsource.