Lisa Dymond

Commodity Cow

  • Commissioner: Perth Public Art Foundation For The City Of Perth
  • Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Coming Soon


Artist Statement

Patterns in nature is the baI love exploring “what it is to be human”. I make that explores our humanness, specific to a time, place and generation. The situation often presents different opportuinities, and therefore the choices made can impact on others and the environment. I guess my work says, "Have you noticed this?" about being human. Hopefully my work will evoe a reaction in the viewer.


Having been a physiotherapist in private practice for 30 years, I have had the joy of stepping into other people’s lives for a short while. I am itrigued by the human body, but totally captivated by human behaviour, the choices we make and the impacts that these choices have on ourselves, other and the environment. My artwork often explores "what it is to be human", but more directly says "hey, have you noticed this  about being human". I hope that my art will evoke a reaction in the viewer and perhaps leave them with unanswered question.

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IMAGE: Lisa Dymond, Commodity Cow, 2016. CowParade PERTH. Photographer: Christophe Canato. Image courtesy of City of Perth, Perth Public Art Foundation and Artsource.