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Jean and June Pastore

Missy Moo

  • Commissioner: Perth Public Art Foundation For The City Of Perth
  • Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Coming soon


Artist Statement

We visited the roots of our past and looked into the future through symbolising the journey of our lives under the Southern Cross. Spiralling towards our fate, our destiny that takes us towards our part in the future evolution of our universe. 


Jean and June Pastore work from their Studio in Port Bouvard, W.A. They are well known for developing their own painting techniques on Glass. Collaborating together to create their art in Glass as well as Acrylic, Oils, Digital Art, Mixed Media including Metal & Wood.
Their Award winning Art is a unique way of reflecting stories from life. They are passionate about their Artwork; each piece is created with feeling and is truly an original. They have also produced Illustrations for calendars and books. Their Artworks are collected by Corporate and International clients. 

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IMAGE: Jean and June Pastore, Missy Moo, 2016. CowParade PERTH. Photographer: Christophe Canato. Image courtesy of City of Perth, Perth Public Art Foundation and Artsource.