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Lance Chadd


  • Commissioner: Perth Public Art Foundation For The City Of Perth
  • Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Coming Soon


Artist Statement

My work is inspired by my Father, Norman Chadd and in honor of all Aboriginal Stockman. Dad, like the elders that taught him, were not just renowned for their multiple skills with horses, cattle, machinery and general station maintenance. They were also men of culture and law, and as such had strong connections, knowledge
and responsibilities to care for country.


Lance Chadd, a Bibbulmun Nyoongar/ Budimia Yamatji Aboriginal artist born in the southwest town of Bunbury, paints under his traditional tribal name ‘Tjyllyungoo’ (meaning, Elder Man/Wisdom/Law, given to him by his Father, Norman Chadd, a well known Drover of Yamatji Country. ). His name and breathtaking work are known, recognised and respected throughout South Western Australian and International art circles, South Western Aboriginal communities, art curators and researchers on SW Aboriginal Art and artists.
He is known as one of the most senior and important Nyoongar artists alive today. Tjyllyungoo has painted professionally since 1981, and his works are in many collections worldwide and locally including Japan, USA, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Parliament House and the Berndt Museum Collection. Tjyllyungoo’s unique signature style of painting the intangible Nyoongar spiritual beliefs and stories, mood and atmosphere throughout landforms, allows easy access for the viewer to search and find understanding of Nyoongar culture and how the land and spirit of the people are inseparable.
His peoples take pride in and are inspired by his work, remembering and maintaining their identity, strength of spirit and sense of belonging in their homeland. Tjyllyungoo’s strong connection to his cultural history and drive for cultural maintenance and knowledge, stem from his late Father’s passion and early sharing. He continues his
exploration and research of his ancestors, as well as his personal and artistic journey of deepening connections to country. He generously shares this growing knowledge in unique community workshops and powerful new exhibitions.
Early influences were his uncles Allan Kelly and Reynold Hart, who were both of the well known ‘child’ artists of the Carrolup Mission, the start of the South Western Aboriginal movement of painting. The Carrolup style of depicting bush landscapes were very distinctive and unique, becoming famous over seas. Other notable early influences were from the artists Albert Namatjira ,Hans Heysen and Ainsley Roberts.
Through claims of high awards, public artworks, International cultural promotion, public speaking and valuable community mentorships, he has proved himself to be an excellent ambassador for the Nyoongar art movement, as well as respected leader of both cultural and intercultural reconciliation and connections.


IMAGE: Lance Chadd, Alice, 2016. CowParade PERTH. Photographer: Christophe Canato. Image courtesy of City of Perth, Perth Public Art Foundation and Artsource.