Amy Perejuan-Capone with Idle Flies, 2016. CowParade PERTH event launch. Artsource commissioned by PPAF for City of Perthcowparade perth 2016

Amy Perejuan-Capone

Idle Flies

  • Commissioner: Perth Public Art Foundation for the City of Perth
  • Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Autism West


Artist Statement

I live in Fremantle overlooking the harbour and watch the activities of ships, cranes and commodities like a big theatre. The cow is a fundamental symbol of commerce and I wish to transform her reclining body into the stage for trade vessel miniatures to play out their drama.

The vessels swarm over her body like flies. By inverting scale (the cow is life-size, the ships minute) I wish to discuss the parasitic nature of global capitalism on the earth ecosystem. The vastness of her body, like the vast blue ocean, plays host to the minutiae of human exploits which are intrinsically intwined with living systems.


I make limited edition or one-off furniture, ceramics and drawings/paintings that explore the interactive agency of the inorganic elements in human life. I create work under my label Horse On Toast as well as under my own name, bridging the art and design discourses.

I live and work between Perth, Western Australia, and Reykjavik, Iceland (or elsewhere very very north). I have spent a lot of years studying various things (such as art, ecology, trains, mental health, planes, airline food, the postal service, public transport systems around the world, and cabinet-making) and use this vague knowledge of diverse topics to make art, furniture, and installations. I graduated with a BA(Fine Art) from Curtin University in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design from Central Institute of Technology in 2014, each with final bodies of work that explored the interactive agency of the inorganic elements in human life. My practice engages with both the contemporary art and design discourse, with a focus on using methodologies more aligned with art making to bridge the two disciplines. My limited edition or one-off furniture pieces, ceramics and drawing/paintings exist on a spectrum that spans ideas made manifest (as sculpture) through to traditional object representation (with plenty in between). I have exhibited in various group shows in Perth, Helsinki and New York, and regularly travel internationally for artist residencies. In 2015 I launched my label Horse On Toast with my first solo exhibition, Horse On Toast, at Paper Mountain, Perth. My label is about gleeful absurdity and serves as a conceptual guide for my creative investigations. It looks at the world sideways and tries to hijack traditional systems of object meaning.

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IMAGE: Amy Perejuan-Capone, Idle Flies, 2016. CowParade PERTH. Photographer: Christophe Canato. Image courtesy of City of Perth, Perth Public Art Foundation and Artsource.