Picture3.jpgAlkimos public art strategy

Alkimos, Western Australia

  • Client: Lend Lease
  • Stakeholders and partners: LandCorp
  • Role of Artsource: Consultant
  • Outcome: Provision of a strategy document for the provision of public art within the Alkimos community
  • Completion date: 2012

Wanting a cohesive and consistent narrative to guide the delivery of public art to the planned Alkimos regional centre and community, Lend Lease commissioned Artsource to produce an overall public art strategy. Alkimos is a 710 hectare master planned community situated 40 kilometers north of Perth. It is anticipated that some 27,000 people will live at Alkimos once all stages are completed.

The strategy recommends five narratives for Alkimos: wellbeing; maritime; water; energy and coastal ecology. These allow the geography and history of the Alkimos land to be interpreted in a contemporary way via public art. They also reflect values that Lend Lease, in conjunction with its project partners LandCorp, may wish to develop amongst its community: those of wellbeing, play, sustainability, resource conservation, respect for the environment and healthy living.